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Anthem United Volleyball Club was formed in 2016 with the purpose of bringing a Christ centered club program to our North Georgia and Chattanooga communities. Our purpose is to bring a higher level of volleyball to the area while showing fairness and integrity in every situation.


Since every club program is different, it is important to find the right fit for both your player and family. At Anthem United, our coaching staff pushes every player to achieve their personal highest level of play. Anthem United coaching staff, parents, and players are all one family with the same goal in mind: players growing in the game each time they take the court, in an organized and healthy environment. We aim to help each athlete grow in faith, work ethic, discipline, humility, and teamwork. Our club culture is respectful and full of relationships.



We are a Christian club program, who does take time each week to sit with our players and have a team devotion (this is not mandatory if a player wishes not to participate). We also pray with our opponents after every match, win or lose. As Jesus calls his followers to look different than the world, we strive to look different as a club of believers. We love our competitors, teammates, and club family.  Deuteronomy 14:2



We recognize that while playing volleyball competitively is important, the most important lessons we teach will apply to all areas of life. We aim to use the sport of volleyball as learning opportunities to show our players the importance of communication, respect, hard work, coachability, perseverance and great character.



As a club we offer Master Coaching sessions built into our practice model. These sessions allow multiple coaches to come together for skill specific training broken up by position. We strive for a consistent coaching philosophy among each of our age groups. We work hard to teach the same technical training to ensure that as an athlete grows with the club they are prepared with strong fundamentals.



With approximately 1,800 college volleyball programs across the country we know there is a fit for every player who wants to pursue volleyball in college. Our recruiting coordinator, Sarah Stutheit is happy to help our families walk through the recruiting process and set up recruiting profiles.



Club Volleyball is a large family and financial commitment. We as a Club program and Coaching Staff commit to serving our families for the entire club season. Because this is a team sport, it is very important that when you accept a team position after Tryouts that you are fully committed for the entire season.


Anthem United Volleyball does not offer any refunds for club volleyball athletes since the loss of an athlete cannot be easily replaced once all club athletes have committed to their teams.


*Refund exceptions may be made due to a season-ending injury as a direct result of participating in a sanctioned club event, or serious illness. In this instance, pro-rated refunds MAY be granted on a case-by-case basis with a written request, to the Director. It is up to the Club Direction's discretion on the amount of refund given if any. Any request for season-ending injury refunds must be accompanied by a physician’s report. The club must receive a signed statement from a physician that states the player cannot participate in volleyball and the duration that they are unable to participate. 


Injuries that occurred outside of Anthem United Volleyball events will be determined for a pro-rated refund by the Club Director's discretion.


Even in the case of an approved pro-rated refund by the Club Director, the player's portion of several team costs will be deducted along with administration fees. 


If for any reason, a Club player quits her team at any point during the season or is removed from a team by the Club Director and/or Coaching Staff, there will be NO REFUNDS ad all future payments and payment plans become due and payable IMMEDIATELY. No Exceptions.




"I had the best experience with anthem! I switched for my last year of travel ball and played 18s with Coach Tori Malone. Not only did anthem have the best coaches who loved on all the players, but they really live out the idea of being “United in Christ.” From the worship nights to the prayers with other teams, I was always proud to be a part of such a Christ centered program. Each coach I had the privilege with working with demonstrated kindness and went the extra mile for me. Now being a college player I really am able to reap the benefits of playing with Anthem United and would suggest it to anyone!" 

-Allie Anderson (Class of 2023)


"You hear horror stories about the dreaded 18s year - how it all falls apart. I would argue that wholistically our very best club and HS volleyball experience was our daughter’s 18s season at Anthem - a club we had no former connection to prior to tryouts other than knowing it’s spiritual basis. Not only does the foundation of the club mirror that of our beliefs at home, but the ACTUAL moral behavior of the directors and coaches follows suit. Ultimately, the club truly offers “unity in Christ” (not to be confused with pushing, pressuring, or exclusion). That said, the spirit of competition is in NO way ignored; it is alive, well, and appropriately fierce! They train with an academy style (position-specific and team coached) blend and play to WIN. I have personally witnessed the club directors’ commitment and adherence to their stated mission, principles, and guiding behaviors. Politics are non-existent with clear and active boundaries laid pre-season to prevent even the appearance; opportunities exist for ALL, thus growth is achieved at every level. Direct addressing of attitudes and issues (which are unavoidable!) take place swiftly and without preferential treatment, but always with grace, mercy, and dignity. Winning never compromises moral behavior - ever. Coaches are appropriately experienced for the age groups they coach. Ultimately, it has been our own personal experience (and observed experience in the younger teams) that Anthem offers the whole package - quality training at an elevated level by coaching staff and directors who very much care for the whole player and will extend beyond what is expected to help families achieve their daughters’ personal goals. But most importantly, an environment where every young lady is encouraged first to find her value and identity in Jesus!"


-Rochelle Oxford

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